Our Team

Each member of the Uberstate team has been carefully selected for their specialized knowledge and extensive working experience.


Jess Davis – Founder & CEO Uberstate

Jess has over 10 years of experience in commercial real estate sales and investments and has been involved in notable investment deals totaling 1 Billion dollars in the Canadian Marketplace.

Jess is primarily responsible for identifying potential deals, and investments that meet the Uberstate investment criteria, and making sure risk management strategies are applied to ensure the success of the business.


Marlon Richards – Co-Founder & EVP Business Development

Marlon brings to Uberstate over 10 years of experience in financial services roles. His skills range from sales and business development to relationship management. He aligns all corporate communication with our partners in business development. 

Marlon’s key role is to communicate Uberstate’s business strategy, and continuously stay up to date with new protocols within the crypto community which benefit our business plan. 



Israel Idonije – Foundational Partner

Israel Idonije is known as a game-changer. He is an 11-year NFL veteran, entrepreneur & philanthropist. Israel serves as a media and onscreen brand ambassador. Israel can also be seen onscreen with TSN.

Since leaving the NFL, he has founded the Israel Idonije Foundation, which serves underprivileged youth in Chicago, Winnipeg and West Africa. Israel has also founded several businesses, including Blessed Communion and AthlitaComics, LLC. Most recently, he has co-founded the new web platform Ask The Doctor, which connects users with real-time medical advice from certified medical professionals.

Israel is also the founder of several Crypto Based companies including Crypto Key Stack ; a device that stores private keys to your wallets, and Bit Cap a concierge mining Service located in Chicago. He is a Blockchain Enthusiast having participated in many Initial Coin Offerings and Crypto Events Globally as a key note speaker.


Zahid Ali – Advisor Business Growth and Strategy

A  seasoned entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience under his belt, Zahid’s primary focus has been on strategy and business development ; he is passionate about his role in blockchain advisory, which consists of mostly of creating corporate strategy, problem solving, and research.

Zahid, has a large network consisting of, exchanges, market making companies, conference providers, legal , and consultants all of which add tremendous value as an advisor.


Carolina Fagliato – Advisor –  Artificial Intelligence

Carolina, is a professional motivated by an accelerated environment.  She loves anything that challenges the status quo.

She has 5 years of experience in auditing local and international companies from various industries including consumer and industrial products, automotive, healthcare, and pharmaceutical verticals.

Carolina, is the founder and CEO of Everythink Inc., which has developed hands.ai. Hands is a programmable neural network with custom Avatar.  She is currently in charge of all aspects of leadership within the company.


Nima Kaz – Advisor – Best Practices Start Ups

Nima, frequents projects that bring the future closer. Mainly those that are spurring paradigm shifts via data, energy, impact, investing, crypto & blockchain ecosystems. Currently he serves as managing director of the founders institute in Brazil which is the largest university for start ups globally.

Nima, is also founding partner of the Jupiter project which is a Tech Incubator and accelerator located Brazil that works with cutting edge internet based technologies, to create a an end to end ecosystem for tech entrepreneurs. 


Danny Wirken – Advisor – Digital Asset Management

As COO of Digipeso a noted blockchain asset manager it is Danny’s job to oversee all elements of compliance and digital asset management for their exchange. Digipeso currently manages an institutional pool of wealth over 2 Billion dollars that provides investment strategy to Ultra High Net Worth Investors globally in blockchain. 

 Mr. Wirken provides Uberstate with liquidity and trading strategies for RIT in the blockchain marketplace.



Michael Buchinder – Advisor – Capital Markets & Liquidity

Michael is the Founder and Managing partner of a number of noted OTC Brokerages in the Forex  & Blockchain markets including Scandinavian Capital Markets and Secure Coin Brokers.

Michael and his team have over ten billion dollars in deals funded in trading of Forex and as such is a great resource for the growth of our business in blockchain. 



Prince Osamede  – Advisor – Sovereign Markets

Prince Osamede is an international bestselling author, investor, and Crypto Educator. Born in Nigeria Prince is a known for his passionate but practical approach to cryptocurrency investing. His track record for identifying successful projects in the blockchain space is noted within the community.

Recently Prince has started his own fund that focuses on Economic development in Africa working closely with regional investment groups with a focus on growth models in established medium and large size corporations. Africa Development Corporation works with private companies, investors, and governments alike to identify investments with above average Return on Investment that spurn growth in local economies in Africa.


Matthew Schilowitz – Advisor – Real Estate Development

Matthew Schilowitz built a large real estate construction and development company, on the eastern end of Long Island. Until June 1999 he held the position of President and Chief Executive Officer of the Harmat Organization. In that time he was responsible for the construction and development of hundreds of single-family homes, including the creation of 7 residential developments.

In the early 2000s he acquired properties in Mexico and Bahamas for development and operation and currently operates several income producing properties and a hotel in Playa del Carmen Mexico including Acanto Hotel Condominiums.

Mr. Schilowitz holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from the A.B. Freeman School of Business at Tulane University. He is a Founder, Builder and Trustee of The Hampton Synagogue, The Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center, The North American Board of Rabbis and other not for profit causes.


Troy Assoignon – Advisor – Brand Positioning & Growth

As CEO of Legacy branding Troy focuses on the organic growth of online marketing channels that connect and disrupt traditional advertising for small to medium sized businesses that are looking to grow their online audience.

Troy understands the power of great editing, and copy that generate interest and drive traffic online. He is able to pin point weaknesses in traditional approaches to marketing and focus on the core strengths of a brand to really make it shine.

Additionally, Troy has a deep understanding of Fintech, Saas, Paas, and B2B sales in technology. He was the founding partner of Ascension Innovation Management Inc a Vancouver based corporation focused on providing best in class solutions for sales management in the technology sector.




Jack Bensimon – Regulatory Compliance Advisor

Jack is a seasoned international securities compliance advisor, banking professional and and AML specialist. He is a Managing Partner of Black Swan Diagnostics, an international regulatory compliance firm and BlockRake LLC, a Wyoming-based capital markets advisory firm. Previously he was CEO/Board Director of Epcylon Technologies. Jack has a Master of Laws (LLM) from the University of Toronto, and a General LLM and Securities Law LLM from Osgoode Hall Law School at York University.