RIT Platform

Uberstate Inc capitalizes its investment projects by sale trade and exchange of the RIT cryptocurrency. It is our version of currency, when purchasing real estate projects that get cashed in for Fiat currency as volume, and market demand grows to purchase real estate.

RIT is an ERC-20 tokens available on the Ethereum Main net and multiple exchanges. Check back for frequent updates to our marketing efforts and what new exchanges and wallets are carrying ,RIT.

Tokens are also available to trade on a peer to peer basis for BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC, or Fiat currency. For all intents and purposes, RIT, is considered a stable coin linked to the ever expanding portfolio of real estate assets. RIT’s primary purpose is a stable currency that allows for the purchase, sale, and lease of real estate of any kind globally.

RIT, owns 100% of balance of its digital assets. As projects are acquired more RIT is distributed on exchange networks increasing trading and market volume. RIT plans to make 25% of the Tokens available on major exchanges with an increase of no more than 3-5% per annum.

RIT, is the first in a series of Digital Assets, that Uberstate Inc. uses to further it’s interest in blockchain and real estate based investments.

The three primary use cases for this utilities token are.

  1. The capitalization and acquisition of real estate based projects.
  2. The payment of all expenses to do with the properties themselves including, rents, insurance, property taxes, reserves, property and asset management.
  3. A visible system of financial management for real estate that relies heavily on transparency based on distributed ledger technology.